Neck Pain

Neck Pain?

Does sitting at your computer cause pain in your neck and upper back by the end of the day? Have you ever finished some type of physical activity or just awoken in the morning and just did not feel comfortable in your neck? These are all typical symptoms of neck problems that are caused by misalignments of the spinal segments in the neck and upper back.

Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain

Individuals who sit in the same position and face the same direction for long periods, such as secretaries and word processor operators, Workers who operate a drill press, power equipment or continuous assembly line operations may feel fatigue and soreness in the supporting head-and-neck muscles. A forceful movement of the neck, strenuous lifting, swinging or pulling motions of the arms, or a fall. One of the most frequent of neck ailments — whiplash from a car accident — can produce mild or severe reaction. A degenerative disease of the bones and joints — osteoarthritis — can also be a source of neck pain.

Have you ever awoken in the morning or finished a physical activity and felt neck stiffness or pain? How about backing up your car, and being unable to turn your neck far enough to see behind you? These are all typical symptoms of misalignments of the spinal segments in the neck and upper back. The neck is comprised of seven vertebrae. Surrounding these vertebrae are muscles, tendons, and ligaments. When the vertebrae are pushed out of place by poor posture, accidents, slips and falls, or overuse, the muscles and tendons will be forced to stretch too far causing pain and discomfort.

The appropriate treatment for neck pain, in most cases, includes chiropractic adjustments of the spine, along with certain types of physical therapy. The chiropractic adjustments help restore normal spinal motion, while the physical therapy helps alleviate muscle tightness or spasms. The duration of treatment depends on the severity of the condition, how often you have had the condition in the past, your age, and your normal activity level. Your treatment will be customized to your specific situation so that your results will be the quickest and longest lasting.

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