Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain?

After a few sets of tennis, or an exercise session at the gym, your arm or shoulder suddenly feels stiff. Perhaps a twinge occurs with a specific movement. Maybe you woke up one morning with your head in an odd position. Perhaps the simple task of brushing your hair caused the pain. Does this sound like you? This type of pain is more common than you think.

Chiropractic Care for Lower Back Pain

In many cases the cause of these symptoms reside in the neck and upper back regions along with the surrounding muscles. If left untreated, the irritation and inflammation continues to grow, causing the pain to become worse. And, as the pain increases, the arm and shoulder movement will begin to decrease.

Poor posture and repetitive activities can lead to tightness, weakness, and pain in the muscles of the shoulder, back, neck, arms and hands. Tightness and nagging discomfort will be felt worsening as the day progresses. Headaches or numbness and tingling in the arms and hands may also be present. Those who have office jobs, poor monitor or keyboard placement, and spend periods of time at a computer will often experience this.

Chiropractic adjustments and soft tissue treatment is utilized to restore function and mobility of the spinal joints and muscle. Postural training, stretching and strengthening protocols are used to address weak and overused muscles. Helpful Tip: Try sitting at the edge of your chair with your back straight, shoulders rolled back, palms facing upward in your lap, and chin tucked. If this relieves the tension felt you may be experiencing this condition.

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